Ian Stephen - Story teller, Isle of Lewis

In Living Memory: Visualising the oral traditions of the North

Created in 2018, and shown that same year as part of Hidden Door festival, In Living Memory: Visualising the Oral Traditions of the North is an exploration of the connection between folk tales and songs and the land they are from or associated with. 

When I began making the project I also wanted to find out how the oral traditions of singing and storytelling were surviving in the modern age and whether the younger generations would carry them on. What I discovered was an incredibly rich and enthusiastic community of people of all ages who are deeply invested in these traditions. 

Track times

0:07 He Mo Leannan sung by Fiona J Mackenzie
02:39 Auld Creuvie told by Grace Banks
10:58 Caismeachd Na H-Àirde sung by Donald Barker
15:14 The Wise Grieve told by Ian Stephen

23:15 Tifty’s Annie sung by Grace Banks
35:30 An Gille Donn sung by Fiona J Mackenzie
37:59 The Crop-Headed, Freckled Lass told by Ian Stephen
46:48 Fali Fali sung by Anna Murray