Inshriach bothy in the afternoon

The Bothy Project

Late last year I was selected to be one of the participants in the Bothy Project’s Neighbourhood Residencies, I was originally scheduled to go in February but due to restrictions my residency actually took place in April. Although the Bothy Project are usually specifically for creatives there was no imperative for us to produce any particular work. I had planned to use the time to explore with my camera but was keen to try not to have to many preconceived ideas about what I might do. As part of the project we recorded daily audio diaries and I have combined these with clips that I took while out and about to create a short video of my time at Inshriach Bothy.

The original music for this video was created by Kat Martin, another participant of the Neighbourhood Residencies, during her stay at Glen Canisp Art Studio in Assynt.