Future Plans

My plan for the future is to continue expanding my knowledge and skillset. While making this portfolio, the section I struggled with the most was Teaching, Learning/Assessment so I will be looking for more opportunities to do things like conduct workshops and get involved in curriculum development at an early stage in the process. As well as continuing to learn more about pedagogical practice and application.

I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with, and learning from, colleagues in my department and across the partnership. There are Learning Technologists based at several of the partner colleges and we have been discussing the potential for holding quarterly meetings as a way of sharing new approaches and ideas.

I am hoping to develop more projects using the Articulate 360 software, particularly Storyline as I think it is a very useful tool. From working with Forge and also building parts of this website I have learned bits of HTML code. It is something I would be interested in exploring further as it can be very useful in identifying bugs and creating tailored outputs.

I am also keen to learn more about animation using Adobe programmes After Effects and Animate and trying my hand at Blender, a tool used to develop 3D animations. Animation and motion graphics is a sector is that is growing quickly, has application across multiple platforms, and can be used in learning technology to great effect.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this
submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input
and support of others duly and clearly recognised.
Signed: Robyn Braham Date: 27.09.21